What is "The Basement" you may ask?

Upstairs I am cuddly, cute, and charming. I am very much as I appear, the sweet girl next door. Anyone who has spent any amount of time will tell you that I am a very kind and compassionate person.


Downstairs I like to take control. I enjoy exploring your fantasies, your limits, and thinking "outside the box" so to speak. 

In the basement, you will submit to me. I will take your hand and slowly go step by step to explore those things in the back of your mind. The things that you have not yet been able to share with others, these are things I thoroughly enjoy. 

Examples include but are not limited to: sensual domination, sensory deprivation, edging, prostate play/strap-on/toys, golden showers, foot/body worship, sounding, trampling, humiliation, CBT/NT, tease and denial, cross-dressing, forced feminization, and role-play.


I do have friends who are dominant or submissive who may join us for a meeting of 90 minutes or longer.

I understand you may have questions and I am happy to answer them in a discreet manner. Also, google is your friend if you are unsure as to what some of these abbreviations may mean. Interested in something not mentioned above? Again, feel free to email me in a discreet manner. The Basement is portable and available on tour.

minimum meeting of 90 minutes is advised for these types of explorations


Please note, I am not a submissive or a switch in any of these roles.